Customer centricity is not a
competitive advantage.
Truly understanding
human behaviour is.


Train works with
organisations to build
effective, internal
human centered design
(HCD) capability.

Brands able to effectively deploy their own, internal HCD teams (without solely leaning on consultants) will deliver better products and services to customers.


Effective HCD capability is
made of skills and tools,
wrapped in process and
measured over time.

We teach the skills and demonstrate the tools. Skills and tools are distributed and measured through a rigorous (and proven) process to ensure meaningful business outcomes.


Customisation and
reinforcement are the
difference between useless
awareness and real capability.

Teams need to learn within the context they will use the skills and tools in. We take real business scenarios and teach within these and over time, reinforce skills and tools through practice, reflection and coaching.


Delivered by experts who
have the skills and
designed the tools and

Train is the education arm of Neo. Neo has been designing human centered systems, services and products across the world since 2010.


Each capability is delivered and embedded through
the Train TAER learning framework.


Theoretical delivery of the capability components.


Observation of an expert applying the capability in context.


First hand experience (within a real business scenario) using the capability.


Access to an expert to guide capability reinforcement over time.

We’re not for everyone.

We want to have real impact. We build capability that changes businesses and results in remarkable products and services in the world. Our partners need to be ready for change and willing to do the work. We’re only interested in remarkable and you need to be too.

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