Train builds problem
solving capability.

We make teams more effective by
embedding practical skills and 
building the right mindsets.
Teams perform better after
doing a Train program.


We currently offer
capabilities across
three areas, essential in 
today's market:

  1. 1. Communication and collaboration
  2. 2. Understanding human behaviour
  3. 3. Designing products and services

The latest evidence on the
psychology of learning
informs our approach.

We invest in psychologists, anthropologists and analysts that guide our ever evolving program design and delivery.


Programs are created to
support your organisation’s
objectives and your team’s
skill levels.

Each program is designed to meet these and is tailored to existing skill levels. We evaluate each individual participant and their skills to ensure they attain the capability.


Train programs are
delivered with
reinforcement sessions.

People don't attain a capability in a few lessons, this happens over time. Reinforcement sessions ensure learning is embedded and capabilities are adding value.


We’ve trained a diverse set of teams.

Including teams from Contiki Holidays, Australian Unity, the Australian Red Cross
Blood Service, Insurance Australia Group and The City College of New York.

Currently, we offer nine capabilities.

Behavioural investigation

Teams learn to conduct investigation with people and properly synthesise outcomes. With this, they make better decisions.

Understanding human behaviour
Designing and prototyping user interfaces

Teams learn how to design, prototype and test world class UI to ensure users’ interactions are the best they can be.

Designing products and services
Testing products and services with people

Teams learn how to quickly test an existing product or service with users. This mitigates risk and ensures investment in the most valuable initiatives.

Understanding human behaviour
Building a compelling narrative

Teams learn the parts of an effective story and how to structure a narrative to ensure engagement and comprehension.

Communication and collaboration
Conducting experiments in market

Teams learn how to design and execute experiments that run over time, in market, in order to validate assumptions and measure value in real time.

Understanding human behaviour
Presenting with purpose and impact

Teams learn the elements of effective presenting and how to overcome personal barriers to inspire audiences.

Communication and collaboration
Improving existing products and services

Teams learn to design and prioritise possible ways to improve on current state versions to increase value and impact.

Designing products and services
Working with diversity and inclusiveness

Teams learn to build an inclusive culture and leverage the perspectives that diversity brings – creating stronger teams and leading to better outcomes.

Communication and collaboration
Inventing new products and services

Teams learn how to generate novel ideas for products and services that don’t yet exist to achieve growth for the organisation.

Designing products and services

Create a personalised

Our programs are personalised around your needs. This means length, budget and delivery methods are all variable. You choose one or more capabilities and we design a program to suit.

Here’s what your personalised program involves:


Organisational context and
metrics investigation

We gain an understanding of the objectives, metrics, structures, maturity levels and processes in your organisation.


Skill assessment

We individually profile potential Trainees to understand their current skill level, job responsibilities and aspirational career paths.


Program and content design

We design the program with your selected capabilities to suit your team and objectives.


Program delivery and
reinforcement of learning

We deliver the program in the agreed format and coach team members one-on-one after sessions to reinforce learning over time.

Create a tailored
program for your team.

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